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Successful Marriage: The Secrets Revealed

by Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz

We have had a day to remember!  Early this morning the first copy of our new book arrived by UPS from the publisher.  Our labor of love – our heart’s work of the past 25 years – had finally come to fruition.  All of those splendid interviews with wonderfully happy married couples in the USA and around the world had finally revealed themselves in our book of a lifetime – Golden Anniversaries:  The Seven Secrets of Successful Marriage.

There was dancing in our kitchen this morning!  There will be champagne tonight!  We had birthed a book and it was exciting.  Life is good.

We quickly called our production crew together.  There were lots of congratulatory hugs all around.  There were tears.  There were lots of hands on the book – wanting to touch it, hold it, squeeze it, admire it, and hug it.  Everybody beamed their appreciation and admiration for their work – for their own labor of love.  What started out as our book became everybody’s book – everybody had that look of satisfaction that you see when people know a job has been well done.  It felt good to share the love and excitement.  Life is good.

Photographs now record the event for today and for posterity.  It was a day to remember for sure.  We all look so happy in the group photo on the front steps of the building.  Murry, Sandy, Cindy, Liz, Charley, Augie, Tom – the whole crew was smiling with that marvelous look of confidence and accomplishment you can’t get enough of.  What a day!

The interview requests are starting to come in.  The book signings are being confirmed.  The distributor, Big River Distribution of St. Louis, has sent its monthly newsletter to bookstores touting our book as well as other new releases.  To say we are proud and excited would be a gross understatement!  The lessons of successful marriage we revealed in our book will now be revealed to the world, and it feels good.

Successful marriage, successful relationships, and successful love – all depend on those who inhabit these relationships to do the simple things required to make things work, to make love last. 

Successful marriage, love, and relationships all require simple acts.  Simple gestures.  Simple conversations.  Success in love and marriage and in love and relationships depends on an accumulation of the doing the simple things.  Success is really no more complicated than this.  Our book is about doing the simple things.

So friends, on this exciting day, we offer you the teasers – the categories of successful marriage.  To get the whole truth and nothing but the truth you will have to read the book!

In successful marriages, two become one.  It is not you and me, it is us!

In successful marriages, couples talk about anything and everything.  There are no sacred cows – no secrets.

In successful marriages, couples understand that you do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Successful love and marriage is about mutual love and respect.

In successful marriages, couples understand that taking care of themselves in a health sense is not sufficient.  You must also promote health in your spouse.  To live until “death do us part” requires a mutual concern about good health.

In successful marriage, it is not YOUR money and MY money.  It is OUR money.

In successful marriages, touching each other multiple times per day is the norm.  I love you so much I must touch you.

In successful marriages, love is characterized by the notions of variety and spice.  Successful marriages are exciting, never boring, and full of unpredictable things.  Don’t always do that which is predictable.  Upend expectancies.  Variety is the spice of life!

We have chronicled 15,000 years of marriage from 25 years of interviews with successfully and happily married couples.  You will enjoy our book.  We sure do.

Love well!


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